Shop Clear Face Shields

Shop Clear Face Shields

Review – Shop Clear is a manufacturer of quality clear face shields that protect against flying debris and other impacts to your vehicle from the front, sides, back and rear. For years, Shop Clear has been a name that people have come to trust when it comes to high quality clear visors. The strength of the clear face shield produced by Shop Clear allows Shop Clear face shields to withstand impacts as powerful as collisions between two trucks, or four vehicles, or one very strong aircraft. Shop Clear visors are made of high quality polycarbonate that will not break or chip easily, making them ideal for any type of weather conditions. Shop Clear face shields are offered in a variety of styles and shapes, including:


Shop Clear’s polycarbonate faceshield visor product replacement visors have many benefits and advantages over other common products on the market. The most obvious benefit is that Shop Clear is able to use a much thinner, more durable and lightweight material than most other manufacturers, which results in the visor being thicker and more impact resistant. Another benefit to the polycarbonate face shield is that it does not provide as much visibility coverage as some other materials, which can be an advantage depending on where you will be wearing the visor.


Shop Clear provides an excellent line of high quality products that can be purchased online at affordable prices. These include: Shop Clear Face shield Vibrant Impact Shield, Shop Clear Visor Color Clear, Shop Clear Shield, Shop Clear Material Polycarbonate, Shop Clear High Impact Shield, Shop Clear Material Clear Shield, and the Shop Clear Safety Clear Faceshield Vibrant Impact Shield. In addition to these products, Shop Clear also offers a full line of products designed for specific industries. Many of these products have been proven to be effective in the fight against dust, mold, and mildew while adding additional strength and durability to the wearer’s clothing. Many of these products are designed to meet specific industry standards, making them the perfect choice for high performance areas such as construction, automotive, marine, or food processing. Shop Clear is constantly improving its products so that customers remain satisfied and the Company can continue to serve its customers with superior, durable and versatile products that provide a higher level of safety and security for their needs.

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