Domestic Animal Business Registration

If you plan to start a domestic animal business, you need to be aware of the laws of your country or state. It is very important for you to check the legalities before you open an animal business. There are also certain permits and tags required by the state if you are planning to sell or advertise your animals. As an aspiring Domestic Animal Business entrepreneur, you must plan carefully before making any move. There are some essential documents that you need to collect before starting a domestic animal business – Read more

How to Do Domestic Animal Business Registration

Domestic Animal Business


CITES. The registration with Intercountry Traffic Administration (ITTA) is compulsory for all international travel to Australia. On receipt of the Domestic Animal Business Application for registration, Council will perform an inspection of the facilities. To ensure that you are complying with the Code of Practice for the operation of domestic animal businesses, download the relevant code checklist and submit with your application to Council.

THE NEW PROVISION. The Federal Parliament passed a new law on 5th July 2021, which made it mandatory for all domestic animals business to be registered. If your business is not registered, it will be considered a new entry and you may be penalised by a penalty fine of up to AED 500. Thereafter, all existing registrations will have to be renewed in line with the regulations of the new act. You should consult with a legal advisor before taking any steps towards registration.

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