Day: August 29, 2021


Commercial Cleaning With Disinfection Services

What can be more enjoyable than a clean, sanitized environment? Cleanliness, after all, is central to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy body. The importance of cleaning services can never be overstated. When you know that you are investing in the health of everyone in your location, you are doing what is most responsible. No one wants to work in a place where they feel unsafe, and if you can help protect your coworkers and your customers by making sure your location is a healthy place to work and live, you will enjoy greater success in your career. Investing in professional cleaning services can improve your working conditions and can also help to ensure the health and safety of the people who live and work in your business’s locations by Pro Disinfection Services a clean and safe environment.

Secrets To Locations By Pro Disinfection Services – Even In This Down Economy

“Many commercial disinfection services are now offering professional cleaning at sanitizing work and residence areas, in addition to indoor and outdoor cleaning,” says Jay MacLaine, director of public relations for AmeriFlood, LLC. “The most effective disinfectants for use in residential and non-residential locations are chlorine and bromine.” “Chlorine is the preferred disinfectant for most jobs because of its easy maintenance and affordability,” says Gary Kiger, technical service manager for AmeriFlood. Both chlorine and bromine are chemical substances that kill and destroy micro-organisms and bacteria in a facility. Commercial disinfection services can also provide advice on the use of sanitizers for specific industries and locations.

Disinfection services by jan-pro, a full service commercial cleaning provider in New York City, includes sanitizing kitchens and bathrooms, covering bathrooms and showers, and providing overall cleaners for commercial and office locations. Disinfection services by jan-pro include everything from general and preventative cleaning, through the removal and replacement of infectious equipment, up to the disposal of hazardous waste. Jan-pro’s disinfection services can be tailored to fit individual clientele or larger companies. For more information on how a janitorial service can help you protect your business, contact jan-pro.

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